"After college athletics, I founds myself struggling to maintain a workout routine that matched what I was used to.  Jen is an incredible athlete herself and very knowledgeable in this arena.  She was able to bring back the intensity of my college workout with just 2-3 times/week."

— T.B.

“Constant Encouragement”

"Jen brought out a side of me that I didn't know existed.  Prior to beginning to train with Jen, I had gotten in a rut of doing the same exercises.  She pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way.  I saw improvements almost immediately."

— M.P.


"Due to the Jen's athletic ability, I was somewhat intimidated to go to my first training session with her.  I don't know what I was worried about.  Jen genuinely cared about making sure I got a great workout and modified if/when necessary."

— L.G.

"I have tried many different fitness programs in the Charlotte area, and without a doubt Jen is one of the top trainers in this region.  She understands the perfect balance of strength, endurance and mobility that is important not just in fitness but in everyday life for optimal health.  She is far more knowledgeable on current fitness trends and innovation than anyone I know."

— L.S.


"Jen has helped me build not only physical strength but internal strength in being comfortable in my own skin.  She's the type of trainer that you can find a fast friend in and that truly cares about your overall health and happiness."

— T.C.



I started working with Jen in the middle of last year when I began attending her boot camps.  Over the last several years I have had some injury related issues.   Jen wanted to make sure she understood my issues and what restrictions I had.  She was very detailed in her instructions to ensure that I had proper form on exercises and worked with me through any modifications, even designing exercises I could do with no restrictions or modifications needed.  On more than one occasion she followed up with me the next day to ensure my hip and shoulder were not irritated from the exercises.   Her workouts can be modified to any fitness level and are different from session to session. I love how engaging and encouraging Jen is throughout the workouts. I have gained much more than core strength and being stronger from working with Jen.  I have gained confidence in myself and what I can accomplish through fitness workouts. 

— M.B.